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Our Beginning

Written by Black Scarf


Posted on January 10 2020

TLDR: We were a little skeptical of our beginnings but it all turned out relatively well at the end which allowed us to grow to where we are currently.

This article would be about how it all started and how Riviera Closet came to be. If you are clicking on this article, we are pretty sure you are interested to know more about us and we are excited a little to share our journey as well!

Looking back to October 27th, 2018, it was our 1 day planned event for our pop-up and well, we hadn't given much thought on what happens after this event as we were busy preparing for this main event for the first time. We wanted to provide experience to our "customers" that they've yet to experience which was planned from the choosing of the location, setting up of the space and the type of products we were hoping to offer.

We do want to thank all our family and friends who came by for the event and supported us and also not forgetting the influencers who helped us out in spreading the word and definitely customers who came by without knowing much about us and yet decided to join us in the journey for the first time and complimenting our efforts. We were a little skeptical as to how many people would turn up and even if random strangers did turn up, would they be convinced to purchase. And yet, we are truly grateful for their time and repeat purchases.




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